Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Cowabunga Schnauzer
(Belly Wot Leaflet 2013, Special Large-ish issue)
Marc Bell
Half World Books
10.5” tall x 8” wide, 20 pages (12 in colour)
First printing, limited edition of 100 hand numbered copies

Marc drew a series of comics for Maisoneuve last year and these are all in here in full colour. Also, Cowabunga Schnauzer features several thoughtfully arranged details from new artworks including “Mr. Giant Stroller”, “Lucy Honeychurch”, “On/Off Solo Schnauzer Live!” as well as a re-worked text piece based on a story about M.J. and his personal physician. As if that were not enough Half World Books arranged to print a modified version of Marc’s appearance in the March 2013 issue of Esquire UK. Printed in a very limited edition of 100 for the occasion of Marc’s appearance at TCAF this year, Cowabunga Schnauzer Promises you that: “Heavens to Murgatroid, this Place is Filled with Art Animals”.

Americans and Canadians: Click here for the Pre-Order Special, 10.00 USDs (Includes Shipping!), first 30 copies get a real drawing inside.

Europeans,etc.., shoot us an e-mail with your address and we will work it out. 

Monday, December 19, 2011


pictured: Mark Connery (left) and Half World Books editor Marc Bell (right) at Zine Dream

2011 was a great year for Half World Books. Thanks to everybody for their support!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Half World Books will be at ZINE DREAM this Sunday, selling copies of Mark Connery's Melamine Car Bomb and probably some other things too. I think Mark will also have a new zine he just might give you with purchase of a book (or he might just give you anyway). While supplies last.


Sunday, August 21 2011
from 12 to 5 pm.
Zine Dream is an annual small press art fair featuring over 50 vendors of self published books, comics, music, zines, hand made crafts, prints & much more!

Featuring music by Fresh Flesh, Skull Bong and Moon Wood, DJ’s Laura Mccoy, Val Uher & Boogie Woogie Mix Tape Library. Plus performances by Kathleen Phillips and Amelia Ehrhardt.

@ The TRANZAC, 292 Brunswick Ave Toronto, Ont.

Pay What You Can

Thursday, July 14, 2011


Melamine Car Bomb

Mark Connery

“I ran into him recently and he told me he has been sticking his newest drawings under windshield wipers. Makes me almost wish I had a car.”
-Sally McKay on Mark Connery, Lola Magazine

Full of oddities and enigmas, Melamine Car Bomb is a Nog A Dod-ish psycho-doolick trip into a punk rock hippy-dippy mellow nightmare made of words and weirdoes and warnings led by the modern maestro of magick and malcontent, Mark Connery (creator of the legendary Rudy mini-comics). The process was fairly simple: Mr. Connery handed editor Marc Bell a pile of his recent drawing books to make selections from and Mr. Bell whittled the cacophony down to a solid 48 pages. Melamine Car Bomb is Mark Connery’s first perfect-bound print project, available in a very limited edition of 350 through Half World Books in Canada (also available from PictureBox Inc in the United States).

Softcover, 48 pages, 5.25 x 7.25 inches

Numbered edition of 350

ISBN: 978-0-9877202-0-7

$9.95 CDN / $9.95 US

Available September 2011